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P3ductal smart4 is an evolution of the P3ductal system, based on revolutionary duct construction and installation procedures. P3ductal smart4 is characterized by an easy and fast construction and installation which guarantee economical advantages. P3ductal smart4 consists of panels ready to be assembled using a simple and quick inserting bayonet.

Where to use P3ductal Smart4

The new smart4 solution for rectangular and square ducts completes the traditional P3ductal solution in particular for those low pressure and low velocity systems, where a fast and easy construction and installation is particularly required.
• pressures up to 250 Pa
• available sizes are from 100×100 to 500×500 mm (with a 50 mm interval)

Valuable advantages

• competitiveness: the “smart solution” combines economical advantages with the usual technical performances of pre-insulated aluminium ducts;
• fast to assemble: panels are supplied inside a box, few easy and fast moves are enough to complete the whole operation, also on the job site;
• off-cuts reduction: the pre-cut solution optimizes the use of the material itself by reducing the off-cuts.

Four steps construction

The real secret behind the smart4 and smart8 solutions is the fast and quick assembly.
The philosophy is simple: starting from a straight duct, which can quickly be assembled thanks to the special kit, you can obtain all fittings (bends, reductions, off-sets, etc.) necessary to construct a complete duct system for any requirement.
The steps are few and fast:

1. using the 12 mm pre-cut panels, you assemble the straight duct by simply bending and inserting the “labyrinth” bayonet (panels and bayonets are provided together in a kit form);
2. with a specific straight frame it is possible to unite the single pieces of duct, in order to obtain any length of straight duct.
3. in order to make the fittings you start from the straight duct and with a series of transversal cuts you obtain the single components that, once re-united, generate the fittings.
4. the fittings components are then joined with a angled frame.


5 sheets
1200 mm length of each one
6 m total linear duct
12 mm thickness
80 μm/80 μm embossed/embossed al.

“Labyrinth” bayonet

5 bayonet – 1200 mm length each one

flanges, profiles and accessories

Take-off collar

Diameters below:

End cap

Dimensions below:


Invisible flange in aluminium – for 20/12 mm joins (2 m each)

Frame for joining straight ducts

Dimensios below:

Frame for joining straight ducts

Dimensions below:


Aluminium deflecting profile (2 m each)


Hooked hanger bracket

glues, tapes and sealants


Smart profile glue


Embossed aluminium tape, coloured 75 mm wide

other P3ductal accessories


”U” section bar in aluminium for 12 mm thick panels (2 m each)


”F” section bar in aluminium for 12 mm thick panels (2 m each)


Plasterboards profile in aluminum, 12 mm (4 m each)


Waved aluminium tape for hooked hanger bracket 10 m long


Frame hanger bracket for waved aluminium tape


Straight joining clip

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