Suitable for all light commercial applications

  • Encased indoor fan coils, complete with direct – expansion indoor coil suitable for light commercial application.
  • Operating ambient temperature for cooling mode 13°C ~ 52°C / heating mode -34°C~ 19°C.
  • Installation flexibility: the indoor unit can be installed in three air flow positions (upwards, downwards or horizontal).
  • Refrigerant circuit service valves with easily accessible pressure test ports for start-up and maintenance.
  • Heat pump cycle with four position valve and electronic control system for optimized defrosting.
  • High and low pressure safety switched fitted as standard.
  • Outdoor unit compressors are hermetically sealed against contamination and pollutants to ensure long life and reliability.
  • Coastal CDU, modified polymer coating on the coil.
  • Narrow spaced grille for improved coil protection.
  • Equipped with High & Low pressure switches.
  • One access panel to access electrical controls, fan motor, compressor & condenser coil.
  • Discharge muffler to minimize low frequency sound and pressure pulsation generated by compressor discharge gas.
  • Factory supplied filter drier.
  • Compressor Sound Hood for noise attenuation.
  • Install up flow, horizontal, or down flow.
  • Grooved copper tubes.
  • Easy access to filters for cleaning.
  • Pre-painted galvanized sheet metal.
  • Solid state interlock control board.
  • Lanced sine wave aluminum fins.
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