Nominal Cooling capacity 22-90 kW and heating capacity 21-89 kW


  • The new 50FC packaged rooftop range consists of autonomous compact air-air units of horizontal design, rooftop type, for reversible heat pump operation.
  • The range of available capacities in the series allows for the air conditioning of medium and large surface areas which are common in shopping mall, food retail, logistics and many other commercial and industrial applications.
  • 50FC units are designed for optimized part-load management in achieving the highest levels of seasonal efficiency, exceeding the limits set by regulation.
  • With its mono-block lightweight construction, the units feature a self-supporting frame, designed to ease the installation and maintenance works. Then units integrate the latest technological innovations:
    – Multi-scroll compressors.
    – Electronic expansion valves.
    – Variable speed EC fans.
    – Auto-adaptive microprocessor control.

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