Ultimate cooling and heating comfort with the maximum flexibility

  • Installation Flexibility:
    – One outdoor unit can serve up to 4 indoor units with a wide range of compatible units: Hi-wall, Cassettes, Consoles and Ducted.
    – Horizontal piping length from 25m to 35m for one unit and from 40m to 80m for all rooms.
    – Vertical piping length up to 10m between indoor units and up to 15m between indoor and outdoor unit.
  • DC Twin-Rotary compressors: The outdoor and indoor units have DC inverter fan motors. Moreover, units above 24.000 BTUs are equipped with DC Twin Rotary Inverter compressors that achieve maximum performance and energy efficiency.
  • Eurovent Certified Performance: Eurovent certifies the performance ratings of the air-condition unit according to European and international standards.
  • Timer: Allows you to start the unit at a preset time in the desired cooling or heating mode.
  • Self-diagnosis and auto-protection: The unit will detect abnormal operation or malfunctions and will shut down automatically to prevent any further issues. At the same time, it will indicate an error code for faster service.
  • One outdoor unit can serve up to 5 indoor units for all possible indoor models combination (hi-wall, console, cassette, ducted).
  • Individual control of the indoor units.
  • Wide operation range -15 to 46°C.
  • Low ambient operation kit.
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