Nominal cooling capacity from 273 to 1756 kW

  • Premium solution for industrial and commercial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require optimal perfor-mances and maximum quality.
  • Designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of energy efficiency, flexibility of use and compactness.
  • They use the most reliable technologies available today:
    -Twin-rotor screw compressors with a variable capacity valve
    -Single refrigerant R-134a
    -Pro-Dialog control system
    -Flooded heat exchangers that are mechanically cleanableTo meet to all environmental and economic requirements, the 30XW is available in two efficiency classes:
    -Standard-efficiency 30XW units that offer an optimised balance of technical and economical aspects, while at the same time boasting superior energy efficiency.
  • -High-efficiency 30XW-P units that offer unequalled energy efficiency to satisfy the most stringent demands of building owners wanting to reduce operating costs to the minimum.
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30XAV Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller

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