Nominal cooling capacity from 8 to 14 kW

  • The new generation of AquaSnap liquid chillers was designed for commercial applications such as the air conditioning of offices and hotels etc.
  • The new AquaSnap units integrate the latest technological innovations:
    -Non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A
    -Scroll or rotary compressors
    -Low-noise fans
    -Auto-adaptive microprocessor control
  • Are available with or without integrated hydronic module depending on the application and are equipped with a hydronic module integrated into the unit chassis, limit installation to straightforward operations like connection of the power supply and the water supply and the return piping.
  • For better efficiency and to be in accordance with ECODESIGN’s rules, hydronic modules include a class A variable speed circulator.
  • This circulator allows a power input reduction and offers better available pressure for small sizes.
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30RBS Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller

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