Nominal Cooling capacity 607-774 kW.

  • The Aquasnap liquid chiller range 604-804 features the latest technological innovations:
    – ozone-friendly refrigerant R-410A
    – scroll compressors
    – low-noise fans made of a composite material
    – auto-adaptive microprocessor control
    – aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHE)
  • The AquaSnap (30RB 604-804) version features a compact all-in-one package optimised for part-load applications where high SEER, SEPR, IPLV are required. The AquaSnap (30RB 604-804), equipped with a variable speed fans and 0-10V signal for customer variable speed pump management, provides premium part-load efficiency to reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the chiller.
  • Additionally, the low sound levels achieved under part-load conditions can be very beneficial for sensitive acoustic applications. Besides operating efficiently and quietly, the AquaSnap operates from -20°C up to 48°C as standard.
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