Two-stage centrifugal chiller: 1.400 > 3.500 kW

  • The AquaEdge 19DV centrifugal chiller integrates Carrier’s latest technologies:
    – EquiDrive™ two-stage compressor with simplified and balanced structure enables a more efficient, reliable and quieter machine performance within broader operation range.
    – Ceramic bearings allow refrigerant lubrication for peace of mind and higher efficiency.
    – Pioneering falling film design for the evaporator performs in low pressure systems, leading to higher efficiency and less refrigerant charge.
    – SmartView™ control makes every single operation more efficient and smarter through extended functionality and better remote connectivity.
    – The use of PUREtec™ R-1233zd(E) with low Global Warming Potential GWP~1 fulfills Carrier’s commitment to environmental leadership.
    – Carrier has a rigorous process for defining and testing every component during new product development to ensure reliability and high performance.
  • 19DV is the ideal solution for extremely reliable and economical operation, quieter performance, smarter controls, flexible installation as well as sustainable development.
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