Like the GIF Supply Air Flat Cassette Ceiling, this ceiling system combines two functions in one component and this is also why it is unique. This system provides fresh air supply and, at the same time, incorporates the best possible sound reduction in the same area. By using highly efficient sound absorbing material, the high noise level occurring e.g. in dishwashing zones and waiter thoroughfares, can be considerably reduced.


Like all components of the GIF Ceiling Systems, the GIF Supply Air Flat Cassette Ceiling – Sound Absorption is, as standard, made of AISI 304 stainless steel. On request, it is also  possible to have RAL coatings.

Together with the other components, this system forms a uniform modular ceiling. The components can be removed from the suspension grid for cleaning without the need for tools. To facilitate easy handling and removal, the components can be slid along the suspension grid to a convenient removal point clear of kitchen appliances. This enables quick, efficient and safe cleaning. The removable sound absorption cushion (fire material class A) is hygienically encapsulated in a sealed plastic film which is simply slid clear for separate cleaning. The requirements of VDI 6022 are thus met.



  • Large areas can be equipped because of the unique combination of fresh air supply and sound reduction at the same time over the same area
  • Can be used in dishwashing zones, waiter thoroughfares, recreation rooms, etc.
  • Shallow installation depth
  • In 2-parts for hygienically acceptable cleaning in the dishwasher
  • AISI 304 stainless steel material
  • Sound insulation cushion can be removed and is shrink-wrapped in a vapour-tight film


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