Compliant with the specifications of the Arbeitsstättenverordnung (German Work Safety Regulations) GIF Luminaires fit compatibly into the ceiling design. On request, they can also be arranged in a continuous band. The level ceiling ensures uniform shadow-free lighting and hence the work areas can be optimally illuminated.


All GIF Luminaires are equipped with moisture proof light fitting (protection class IP 54 minimum) as standard and are specifically designed for use in professional kitchens. GIF Luminaires set another standard with the integral connection for air supply. Longitudinal air vents along both sides of the light box emit a fresh air curtain across the face of the diffusor in addition to the fresh air environment created in the light housing. Rising vapours are directed to the adjacent extract air areas, so that soiling of the diffuser surface is permanently minimised. As a result, intervals between cleaning are considerably extended. Long term tests show that a much longer ballast service life results from cooling by continuous ventilation. Alternatively the GIF Luminaires can be equipped with the energy saving T5 lamps or with the LED lamps in T8


  • As low ballast, electronic ballast and LED model available
  • Best possible lighting due to the textured face of the polycarbonate, smooth on the rear side
  • Integral flush as part of the ventilated ceiling
  • Protection class IP 54 as a minimum
  • Interior ventilation forms a curtain of fresh air across the underside of the diffusor to avoid contamination or soiling


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