The GIF LED Rail Lighting System, for which a patent application has been filed, makes possible a particularly homogeneous arrangement of the lighting at almost every work station in the commercial kitchen with a maximum uniform lighting intensity.

The specifications and requirements for the lighting of the work stations in accordance with the regulations applicable to them are therefore fully respected. The rails have a two-fold function: not only do they support the cassettes of the ventilated ceiling, they also contain the lights themselves.

There is therefore no need for the usual system of lighting fixtures. As a result, there is an increase in the active ventilation area of the GIF ceiling which supplies and extracts air. In future, thanks to the innovative construction of the lighting, no more pipes for supplying air will be needed in the ceiling cavity.

  • Integrated as part of the ventilated ceiling
  • Long service life of the LEDs of about 50,000 hours
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Protection class IP 66
  • High luminosity with uniform light distribution

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