Show cooking in an unpolluted ambient atmosphere:
Show cooking is one of the new trends in the catering business. However, in this area it is almost impossible to extract rising vapours created when cooking by means of conventional extraction systems (e.g. hoods). Cross-flow caused, for example, by an open spatial geometry or by passing guests, can lead to vapours and therefore also fat, odours and harmful substances, not reaching the capture zone of the hood, but instead being carried off into adjacent areas.


The consequences become apparent as fat deposits collect on flat surfaces and smells pervade everywhere. GIF ActiveVent, one of the market leader in kitchen ventilation technology, presents the Jet Stream Extractor, which guarantees perfect ambient air conditions for show cooking. The elegant and sophisticated Jet Stream Extractor
is an outstanding solution for show cooking. Instead of a kitchen ventilation hood, a glass plate with inset stainless steel exhaust jets is installed at chest height above the cooking points.

The GIF Jet Stream Extractor ensures cooking vapours are immediately extracted directly above the wok or the grill. The jet mouth is inset in the glass plate. This solution provides perfect results, since crossflow has no influence on the cooking vapours being sucked up in the high speed Tornado-effect extract. As a result, virtually no harmful substances and odours diffuse into the room – the GIF Jet Stream Extractor protects kitchen personnel and guests from harmful substance emissions.



  • Extraction of emissions (cooking vapours) immediately above cooking and frying appliances mean the extraction efficiency factor is higher than 95 %
  • Almost no odours, aerosols or harmful substances spread into personnel and guest areas
  • Jet Stream Extractor is particularly suitable for areas in which anticipated cross-flow makes extraction with conventional systems almost impossible
  • Can be flexibly adapted to suit counter shapes
  • Reduction of pollution in the work area or working environment has been certified by the relevant trade association
  • Integration of lighting and promotional messages is possible
  • 1-2-3 or multiple jet systems available
  • Positioning the extract air box above the ceiling facilitates attractive designs
  • Custom-made design solutions are possible


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