The entire GIF Active Cassette Ceiling is designed as an area-active, modular casset-te construction and performs both extract air functions above cooking appliances as well as air supply functions outside the extract air areas. The active cassettes serve as aerosol separators on the extract air side according to VDI 2052 and EN 16282-6 and form a large-scale extract air area. Moreover, flame propagation safety can be demonstrated by several tests.


The active cassettes are only manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel and reach the highest degree of interception (up to 97%) due to very tight manufacturing tolerances. The exhaust flow velocity above the active cassette is so low (0.08 m/s) that floating par-ticles, which have not been intercepted in the separation chamber, trickle back on to the top of the cassette surface by mass inertia.

All active cassettes can be removed from the ceiling grid simply by pushing and pulling in the rows. Therefore, the GIF Active Cassette Ceiling can be removed from virtually any location almost entirely (≈ 98%) and can be cleaned in any industrial dishwasher. As a result, climbing on kitchen equipment is not necessary and hygienic cleaning is guaranteed. The unique modular system offers very high transparency and hygiene due to a construc-tion which is fully reversible. On the air supply side, the GIF Active Cassette Ceiling is applied for supplying low-turbulence fresh air on a large scale according to the principle of layered flow. Therefore, an energy-efficient asolution is standard. The special design ensures an indirect fresh air flow, even with high air volumes and low inflow speeds, without induction impulse.

Since the active cassettes for the extract air and the fresh air areas are identical, they are fully interchangeable in any configuration.



  • Compliant with or exceeding current directives and standards (VDI 2052, VDI 6022, EN 16282) also including the inspection capability of components at the back (no access panels needed)
  • Durability of the AISI 304 stainless steel material
  • Interlinking cassettes facilitate quick and easy removal
  • Economic and hygienic cleaning of only 4 components per m2 in the dishwasher
  • Active cassettes can be pushed and pulled in the suspension profiles, as a result they are easy to remove without the need for tools
  • Partial cleaning possible if required
  • No need to climb on greasy, hot kitchen appliances (danger of slipping)
  • HACCP certified


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