RESAP® was developed due to the strongly enforced requirements to fire protection in buildings and rooms. RESAP® is a non-flammable panel, made of natural gypsum and recycled cellulose fibres. RESAP® convinces with good processing characteristics and versatile possibilities of use, as well as acoustically processed, practical element and smooth panel in interior construction.

The advantages of RESAP® at a glance:

  • non-toxic and non-flammable
  • is adequate as carrier plate for nearly almost all versions
  • available in veneer or lacquered
  • available grooved or perforated
  • good hardness thanks to high density

Painted panels:

Homogenous design – surface and edges can be finished for seamless transition. The RESAP®-Plus version is recommended for a largely non-porous coat of paint.

Veneered panels:

The light-brown/beige coloring of the panel is visible in the grooves or perforations and in combination with oak, beech or light veneers gives a high-quality appearance.


RESAP® is non-toxic and non-flammable and is basically adequate for all installations with acoustic demands. Grooved and perforated panels and planks are possible. Most of the previously known solutions like high quality panelling of ceilings and walls, the usage as sound-absorbing closet door and further applications are possible thanks to the density and high stability of this carrier panel.


A RESAP®-panel not made of veneer is usually 16 mm thick, 3‘080 mm long and 1‘240 mm wide. It is dyed in brown-beige wood colour and thus offers the following advantages: – Ideal overall appearance also after acoustic processing, especially with light veneers this provides a very homogeneous total aspect. – The wood colour dye allows you to forego veneer edges in certain cases, and thus save costs.


RESAP® is available in veneer, with or without edges, in all veneer types. The colour lacquered versions are specifically worth mentioning. Thanks to a special application procedure, a very high quality, smooth and practically pore free lacquer surface can be offered.


As an interior construction element, RESAP® is mounted with the common assembly options:

a) Planks: groove and ridge connection with clip-groove or mounting with a special clamp device.
b) Acoustic panel: via TOPAKUSTIK® Z- or G-profile system.
c) Smooth elements: like above, or with special suspension.


RESAP® means class A2 (CH: 6.3), meaning non-flammable, according to EN 13501-1. It therefore meets the requirements of modern and contemporary interior panelling.


RESAP® can be used in interior construction with no problem at all. Also in case of lacquered elements, no volatile elements can enter the room atmosphere. According certificates are available upon inquiry. Remaining elements can be disposed of in normal gypsum recycling.

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