Operations in commercial kitchens result in heat and/or vapours. In order to detect both the two significant parameters, ecoAZUR relies both on optical and thermic sensors.
Depending on the individual cooking operations i.e. vapour intensity and/or temperature level, the airflow is adapted accordingly. This efficient kitchen ventilation permanently ensures optimal air quality and ergonomics, at the same time making a relevant energy saving possible.


  • Suitable for extraction hoods, ventilated ceilings, restaurant systems
  • Individual customization to any type of kitchen is possible
  • Extensible thanks to his modularity
  • Existing units can be retrofitted
  • Control system for one or more ventilation units per kitchen possible
  • Easy setting of the optical and thermic sensors
  • Additional energy saving when heating and cooling the supply air
  • Measurement devices and its components made of stainless steel, hence
    • Easy cleaning
    • Hygienically safe
    • Reliable function
  • Individual setting of different parameters possible (e.g. temperature points, range, speed/duration, etc…)
  • To be connected to the own building services management System
  • System secure against disruption and failure
  • Intelligent system thanks to the logic addressing of the components
  • Additional cost saving when an additional UV-C(lean)System is mounted in the same kitchen

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