The GIF Ventilated Ceiling is an areaactive uniform solution from walltowall including largescale exhaust and fresh air sections, lighting and infill panels with an installation depth of only 200 mm. Using the ceiling cavity as a pressure chamber, according to VDI 2052, enables active air supply zones to be implemented as an “open” and “closed” system, with the largest possible ceiling extents being active ventilation zones. Therefore, largescale capturing of frying, cooking and other vapours and largescale low turbulence fresh air supply guarantee a “feelgood” environment, free of condensation and draughts. The unique modular system offers maximum transparency and hygiene due to a fully reversible structure.

Our understanding of commercial kitchens is more then just a place where food is cooked. We develop System Solutions for air extraction and supply for all Areas of the commercial kitchen:

  • high resistance
  • ideal in moist rooms
  • plastic look possible

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